Step 3. First message over LoRa module with Arduino MCU as Master

Let’s send the first message over LoRa point to point (not as part of a WAN)
I am using two LoRa kits plugged into two Laptops. One Laptop will be transmitting message and another receiving.

1) LoRa module is controlled via Serial interface with default 57600 bps.
Let's use Arduino MCU as a bridge between Laptop USB and LoRa module: 
Using Arduino IDE, select Arduino Micro and upload sketch - LoRa_Serial.ino

2) Tools -> Serial Monitor
Set Both NL & CR
57600 baud

3) to check if LoRa module is responding - type:
sys get ver
it should respond with:
RN2483 1.0.1 Dec 15 2015 09:38:09

4) set output power to 14dBm
radio set pwr 14

5) Configure one of the devices for reception: the parameter 0 indicates that reception is blocking until getting a message
mac pause
radio rx 0

6) In the second Laptop Serial Monitor type:
mac pause
radio tx 12345

7) Receiver Laptop Serial Monitor will get:
radio_rx 12345