Step 4. First message over LoRa module with Raspberry Pi as Master

Let’s send the first message over LoRa point to point (not as part of a WAN)
I am using two LoRa kits - one plugged into Laptop, another into Raspberry Pi 40-pin connector.
The one in Laptop will be receiving message using Arduino MCU as a Master and Arduino IDE Serial Monitor to display message as described in Step 3 .
The other one in Raspberry Pi wil be transmitting message using Raspberry Pi as a Master.

For Raspberry Pi:

1) On LoRa board:
Set Jumper J2 to Raspberry Pi position.
Press SW2 to reset LoRa module.

2) sudo raspi-config
disable serial, save and reboot

3) sudo apt-get install minicom
4) minicom -b 57600 -o -D /dev/ttyAMA0
set COM parameters to get 57600 8N1
enable local Echo

6) For LoRa module all commands need to be terminated with CR and LF.
So after typing command in minicom press Enter and CTRL-J.
sys get ver then press Enter CTRL-J
It should return:
RN2483 1.0.1 Dec 15 2015 09:38:09

7) Set output power to 14 dBm:
radio set pwr 14

8) Send message:
mac pause
radio tx 123456

9) In the Laptop Arduino Serial Monitor type:
mac pause
radio rx 0

10) Receiver Laptop Serial Monitor will get:
radio_rx 123456