LoRa Soldering Kit


  • LoRa RN2483 (Europe)                                       or RN2903 (N. America) module

  • Arduino Pro Micro compatible ATMEGA32U4 MCU

  • Raspberry Pi 40-pin connector

  • "Breadboard" for soldering any sensor and connect it to any ATMEGA32U4 or RN2483 pin

  • 5V and 3.3V analog and digital sensors compatible

  • 250 mAh battery

Directions To Use:

  • Plug into USB, use Arduino IDE to program master MCU (ATMEGA32U4) to get data from sensors and send/receive data via LoRa module

  • Unplug from USB - the board will be powered from the battery. Place it anywhere outside and transmit  sensors data

  • Create LoRa basestation - plug into Raspberry Pi 40-pin connector and receive data from multiple LoRa transceivers and send data to server via Raspberry Pi Ethernet, WiFi or GSM/GPRS shield

  1. Top view
  2. Bottom view
  3. with GPS sensor
  4. Pluged into Raspberry Pi
  5. with ultrasound sensor
  6. with temperature/humidity sensor
  7. Programed via USB
  8. Powered from 5V iphone charger
  9. with GPS sensor