1. LoRa Soldering Kit
    LoRa Soldering Kit

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  2. RF Measurements
    RF Measurements

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  3. Practical electronics
    Practical electronics
    This section is aimed to provide answers to the questions you may have about electronics, both while studying your degree and employing electronics either at work or playing with it in your free time.

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  • Soldering Kit schematics

  • RN2483 (European) documentation

  • RN2903 (N. American) docs

  • ATMEGA32U4 Arduino pin mapping

  • Step 1. Burn Bootloader

  • Step 2. Read data from Temp/Humidity sensor

  • Step 3. Send first message over LoRa module with Arduino MCU as Master

  • Step 4. Send message over LoRa module with Raspberry Pi as Master