Smart Mouse Trap

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Humane Mouse Trap will catch a mouse,
but won't kill it.

It will send SMS notification straight to your mobile when a mouse is trapped.

Ideal both for indoor and outdoor use, with clear inspection window. Safe for children and pets.

Directions To Use:

  • SIM card is pre-installed. To activate SIM card you will need to top it up by the minimum amount (usually £5).

  • Toggle switch on the batteries' case to "ON" position. In a minute the Mouse Trap will send SMS notification to your phone with network and battery status information.
    Make sure you place the Mouse Trap in the area covered by a mobile network.

  • Mouse trap will be in a sleep mode (all lights off) waiting for the mouse to get inside.

  • When the mouse is trapped it will send SMS notification to your mobile.

Please do include your mobile number when completing order request. Your Mouse Trap will send SMS notification to this number.

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