Step 2. Temp/humidity sensor with LoRa board

The idea of LoRa soldering kit is to use any sensor and code examples for Arduino Micro (Atmega32u4) from internet.

1) Solder in LoRa's board Breadboard DHT11 temp/humidity sensor:
Solder with wire DHT11 Pin2 to Arduino D5.
Solder 2k Ohm resistor between DHT11 Pin2 and Pin1.
2) download library:
3) Sketch -> include library -> ADD ZIP library..
4) File -> examples -> DHT sensor library -> DHTtester
5) comment the line starting with #define DHTTYPE DHT22by putting a // in front of it and then uncomment the line starting with//#define DHTTYPE DHT11by removing the two leading//'s.
Or just download DHT11.ino
6) Upload sketch
7) Tools -> Serial monitor
It displays measured temperature/humidity every 2s.